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The first thing people will look at in an advert are the pictures of your machine or item of equipment.

Before taking any photographs ensure the lighting is bright enough to see the machine. When you take the photos, try to take them from a natural height. Don’t crouch down or stand on something to make them look more dramatic, take them from the kind of angle from which someone will expect to look at it.

Finally, take a good selection of photos so that any prospective buyer gets a complete view of the machine if possible video the machine running or dry cycling. We recommend taking photos of the listed angles, and choosing the best for your advert:

Front straight-on

Back straight-on

Side profile

Manufacture plate with model and year

Any moving parts

Inside the control panels

Any damage to the item

We can arrange a sale member to visit to photograph the machine or machinery

Top Tips

Be sure you are entitled to sell the item

Clear any outstanding finance before you sell

Always be truthful and fair

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