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Buying From Packaging Machine Trader

Where is the equipment stored and can it be viewed?

Machinery is stored by our customer where it can be viewed by appointment. If the customers details are not shown we will arrange for you to view the item.

Advertising and Selling Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in building relationships with our clients and partners to provide the best service for you. If your question is not answered below we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have please feel free to contact us.

What are your payment terms?

Once you have selected your advertising package we will send you a unique reference code to be used with payment. Bank transfer or PayPal are the preferred methods of payment

Can equipment be shipped internationally?

Yes we have a number of companies that specialise in the safe packing and transport of machinery internationally.

Selling With Packaging Machine Trader

How do I sell my machinery and equipment?

Place an advert

1. Email description and any relevant information

  1. 2.Email Photo/video

  2. 3.Choose your package.

  3. 4.We will send you a unique reference code

  4. 5.Once payment is received your advert will go live

We will be with you from start to finish.

  1. 1.Make sure the item is signed off the asset register

  2. 2.Take photographs of the item

  3. 3.If possible video of the machine in operation.

  4. 4.Set your price (if you are unsure we can help)

  5. 5.Email us the photographs any other information that you have with regards the the item for sale with price

  6. 6.Your advert will be listed on our digital market place.

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Choosing to sell surplus machinery and equipment with out any of the hassle. With years of experience in the packaging machinery industry we have a range of services to help you sell used machinery to the global market place we make the process simple and straightforward from start to finish.

Why we do what we do

Everything we do is to help you grow your business.

Packaging machinery reduce waste and save time

  1. Listing Service

  2. Classified adds

  3. Sell your machine to trade for a fast and hassle free sale.

  4. Focused sales platform

  5. Valuations and sales management

Networking within the industry allows us to move your machinery fast. Think eBay for the trade a focused marketplace.

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Payment terms are for payment prior to release of goods. We manage payment transfers so that as goods are loaded to transport money is transferred to the customer.